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Unlock your true potential by matching with a world-class crypto broker via Immediate Connect today! Join now to enjoy the best trading platforms!

The service Immediate Connect offers aims to connect users with cryptocurrency and financial brokerages. By using our site, you can find companies that offer crypto, forex, and stock trading features, among others. Remember that the financial markets are inherently volatile and you may incur losses. To keep risks to a minimum, try not to invest more than you can afford to lose. Do your own research to confirm the broker we recommend to you is permitted to work in your country of residence. Local guidelines may vary and our platform cannot always account for new restrictions.

Meet the Immediate Connect App

Has the cryptocurrency world caught your eye lately? You can now join the fray - quickly, easily, and safely! Thanks to our highly innovative tool, you can make your entry into the crypto space without any issues!

The Immediate Connect platform is your go-to resource if you are looking for a high-quality crypto broker. We have a long list of elite brokerages we have carefully evaluated in advance, so that we can make competent recommendations to our users. How does it work?

As a customer and prospective trader, all that you need to do is open an Immediate Connect account. It’s a speedy process that will take you no more than a minute. Then, our system will automatically sift through our database of excellent brokers to find the one that’s most suitable for you.

Once our software has paired you with a crypto broker, they will get in touch with you to finalise your registration. From that point on, everything’s up to you! How much you trade, what you trade, on what budget, with what tools - you have all the decision-making power.

In short, our platform is worth giving a go if:

  • You want a beginner-friendly way to enter the crypto world;
  • You are looking for a competent cryptocurrency broker with top-notch trading software and tools;
  • You wish to try a broker who offers lots of crypto coins, from Bitcoin and Ethereum, to Ripple, Doge, Solana, and more;
  • You are curious about investing in other assets, such as forex or stocks;
  • You want to work with a company that offers free educational materials and 24/7 customer support.

If you crave all of that and more, don’t hesitate to give Immediate Connect a go!

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Why Jump on Crypto in 2024?

Perhaps you have heard that cryptocurrency may be going through a crisis right now. However, that statement is not entirely true. In fact, there may still be many pockets of opportunity you can explore as you trade.

Let us explain! Firstly, it is true that digital assets are off their all-time highs from 2021. Any price chart can tell you as much. There were several events that put pressure on crypto over the past two years. For example, the global financial crisis, the crash of a major crypto exchange, the spike in inflation all around the globe - these have all been factors keeping the price of Bitcoin and other tokens down.

Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies are doing noticeably better in 2024. They are making smaller gains, slowly but surely fighting to reclaim their lost ground.

More importantly, the fact that digital assets are currently worth less than before may be an advantage to long-term investors. Surely you’ve heard of this trading strategy before: buy low, sell high. Now is the perfect time to acquire crypto and watch it rise in the future!

Of course, no one can guarantee that any asset will reach specific price levels. The past performance of cryptocurrencies does not necessarily mean they will reach the same peaks again or surpass them. Unfortunately, no one knows what lies ahead. So, keep in mind that all forms of investment carry risk.

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Immediate Connect Core Advantages and Benefits

We are really proud of the well-rounded tool we have developed. Our services are made to appeal to many different kinds of traders. That means we are ready to accommodate their needs fully and recommend competent companies that will justify their trust in us.

The two key components to our platform are the high quality of our partners and the accessibility of our app. First, we’ve ensured to only work with excellent companies with a proven reputation in the crypto community. Secondly, we decided to make our services free for traders to allow as many people as possible a chance to take a dive in the cryptocurrency market.

Still not sure if our solution is the right match for you? Take a look at the many amazing benefits of our platform to learn why you wouldn’t want to miss out!

User and Beginner-Friendly

You have no prior market experience? Don’t worry! We designed our platform with beginners in mind. Everything, from the minimalist registration process and clean design of our website, to our selection of full-featured brokers, was crafted to help complete newbies make use of our tool without any problems.

As for the most challenging task - trading - our partners provide a free demo account where you can practise in a risk-free manner. With a little practice, you can be a pro in no time!

Premium Crypto Brokers

We at Immediate Connect recognise the importance of working with a broker that goes above and beyond your expectations. You want a company that delivers on all of its promises, providing reliable investment software, a wide choice of tools and resources to help optimise your strategy, and is always around to help if you have questions.

That is why we have picked out our partners meticulously, ensuring we only work with the best of the best! You can trust that any company we recommend to you is top-tier and will offer everything you need to help you along on your journey.

World-Class Software

Our broker partners provide excellent software solutions for our customers. Many of them work with trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, or have similarly powerful software they developed on their own. These high-performance programmes come fully-equipped with all settings and options you may need to customise your strategy. From stop-loss and take-profit orders, to a live market feed and in-app updates, these platforms have it all.

And although they may seem a little overwhelming at first, you can master these platforms in no time in demo mode! The demo account perfectly simulates the live trading experience, creating a realistic learning environment where beginners can build their skills safely.

Friendly Support

If you ever hit a hurdle or struggle to find a service you need, our partners’ trusty support team will have your back. The companies we work with offer round-the-clock customer care available both through email and chat. The staff is friendly and professional, trained to tackle even the most complicated requests. They are more than capable of sorting out any challenge you throw their way!

What’s more, upon registration our users will be contacted by their broker and be able to get detailed guidance through the initial steps in the set-up process. Right from the get-go, you will receive all the support you need!

Highly Affordable

Have you seen how some brokers demand you deposit at least 1000 EUR to get started, or charge fees on each deposit and withdrawal? You won’t see any of that with Immediate Connect! We purposefully selected companies that are highly accessible in every way, including money-wise. The minimum deposit requirement our partners have is just 250 USD, for example.

In addition, the Immediate Connect platform itself is entirely free to use! Because we receive commission fees from our affiliate partners, all of our services are free for our users. You can test our app yourself without any financial commitments!

Many Investment Opportunities

In 2024, everyone has heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum. But do you know about all these other exciting cryptocurrencies like BNB, Solana, Ripple, or Doge? There are thousands of digital assets out there! And you can get access to all of them via our partner brokers.

Moreover, all brokers approved by Immediate Connect also list instruments like company shares, stock indices, forex pairs, and many more. By mixing and matching assets, you can craft an intelligent, diverse portfolio and keep the market risks to a minimum. With Immediate Connect, you can do all of this and more from the same trading account.

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Trading PlatformCrypto, Stocks, Forex, CFDs
WithdrawalNo Extra Fees
Payment MethodsVisa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.
RegionWorldwide (restrictions may apply)