About Us

Find out more about Immediate Connect and how our platform can be of use to you and improve your cryptocurrency trading experience below!

Our Team

We are an eclectic crew of people from different walks of life, united by a shared dream. The people in our company come from advertising, software engineers, and finance backgrounds, among others, but we all share one core value: the belief in equal opportunity when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Together, we’ve built a dynamic workplace that thrives on fresh ideas and innovative approaches. We all love crypto and are traders ourselves, so we continuously try to anticipate the challenges of other traders. We hoped to build a platform people can use to meet a broker they’d never want to switch - someone that will cater to them perfectly and (deservedly) earn their trust. That is how Immediate Connect came to be!

Our Product

We are not here to sell you yet another trading platform or robot. In fact, we’re not selling anything! All of our services are completely free because we want to make the myriad opportunities crypto has created accessible to the greatest number of people.

What we offer you is a reliable shortcut that you can take advantage of to find a more-than-satisfactory broker. Thanks to our platform, you can start your trading career on the right note.

Forget about scammy companies that don’t deliver what they promise! Each of our highly-capable partners is a stellar broker with an established reputation and a proven ability to deliver a rich selection of services that can appeal to investors from many different experience levels.

Our tool is the perfect fit for you if you:

  • Are searching for an easy-to-use, free platform to find skilled brokerages;
  • Wish to use some of the world’s leading kinds of software that support different strategies and assets;
  • Are eager to try trading digital assets, stocks, forex pairs, and many other instruments;
  • Want to feel adequately supported with additional resources, 24/7 customer care, market news and updates, and more.

Immediate Connect's partners can deliver all of this and more! Don’t just watch from the sidelines - join in the fray and discover a whole new world with our app today!

Our Mission

We asked ourselves, what is the most significant hurdle crypto traders face? The answer appeared as soon as we asked: scammers.

Indeed, financial trading in general is, unfortunately, home to many untrustworthy websites. Thanks to sophisticated marketing tactics, many unsuspecting users have trouble differentiating between good and bad brokers. Often, they end up trusting the wrong company, losing their deposits or struggling to withdraw their profits.

We at Immediate Connect say enough! All users deserve to work with decent brokers who will attend to their needs and let them enjoy the market without exploitative practices.

That’s why we continuously research the crypto space and cherry-pick the best brokerages out there. You can rest assured that our affiliate partners are companies who offer high-quality products, meet their commitments to their users, and have long established themselves in the community. In this way, you know you’re making the right choice when you work with the Immediate Connect platform.

Begin your crypto adventure by joining our platform today: